3 Ways Military Power Supplies Empower the US Armed Forces

When most people think of a strong military, the United States likely comes up as the first power house known for defending itself and its allies. The US Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army and Marines have the best of the best when it comes to people, training, technology and equipment. In terms of equipment, high-quality custom military power supplies by Abbott Technologies keeps America at the cutting edge of military defence on a global scale. Here are three ways military power supplies and transformers make America the force to reckon with.

Understanding the AC to DC Converter

AC to DC converters transform alternating AC input current into direct DC output current. In military power supplies the AC to DC converter electrical circuits power electronics applications where 50Hz or 60Hz AC voltage needs power conversions for a DC output to, for example, switch and transfer currents to fire surface-to-air missiles.

Companies like Abbott Technologies are prefered partners for defence and aerospace industries that require custom, rugged solutions. Various applications like aircraft, missiles, ships, aquatic vehicles, radars, communication equipment, land vehicles, rail-controlled vehicles and mining equipment relly on AC to DC convert technology for high-tech power conversion technology to perform vital operations. For example, the 200 Watt Enclosed AC to DC Switcher AM200S is built to perform in harsh environments under chaotic conditions complete with power factor correction and the device is fully sealed to meet IP65 standards to it can excel in conditions both freezing cold and boiling hot, and even in extreme moisture atmospheres.

AC to DC Inverters Also Power the US Military

Power inverters and power converters are easy to confuse with one another. While converters convert the voltage of a device with alternating AC current to direct DC current, AC to DC inverters convert direct DC current to alternating AC current. Based on the design specs of specific devices and their circuitry, the output voltage, input voltage and overall power handling capabilities, custom AC to DC inverters will be used to maximize efficiency and handling. For example, one popular AC to DC inverter for railway applications favored by the US Army, Marines and Navy is the PSTV-1. This is a 36VDC input with a 2 to 1 surge capacity 2000 VDC insulated wide temperature range, rugged device that can perform in the most harsh atmospheres in earth and in space with a 100-hour burn time.

Military Power Supply Manufacturers

While this article has mentioned Abbott Technologies as one of the leading military power supply manufacturers in the US, there are other companies that offer comparable products. Knowing who to partner with when it comes to custom military-grade power supplies means delving deep and looking at product lines, client lists, and custom design. The best options are companies that offer the most demanding real-world applications that offer the highest levels of performance and reliability. Look to see who has contracted with them and how departments and branches of the US Government have used their products. Reputation and reliability should be focused to many areas that include custom magnetic components, AC to DC power supplies, air or water-cooled transformer rectifier units for military use and bulk converters for the same intentions. Look at how creative the military power supply teams are; note the commitment and passion in their work, and discover how they have improved their highly competitive industry by simply participating in its growth. After all, winning teams create top-of-line products.