Constructions vs Nature

Currently due to the over population of humans and consequently the need of urban areas since where there are houses, you need commercial places, doctors, dentist in Tijuana, schools etc. The concern is that in some cases it has been invading more and more nature and is that there are few places that meet the environmental requirements of the area, there are even countries or cities where they do not exist and therefore the construction companies do what they want without caring about the flora and fauna of the area.

And this not only happens when building zones of houses or commercial plazas, now also the construction of the border fences represents damage to the ecology and can end with species in danger of extinction, warn NGOs, specifically speaking about the wall under construction between the United States and Mexico.

This construction that we saw as an impossible proposal, the current president of the United States is doing everything possible to comply with it, but environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity of the USA conducted a study where they located 57 of species in danger of extinction that live just where you think to build the wall.

Some of these species are: the jaguar, which moves between Sonora and Arizona; the ocelot, present in Sonora, Tamaulipas, Arizona and Texas, as well as the Mexican gray wolf, a species that is recovered by a binational program and found in the north of our country, in Arizona and New Mexico. They also talked about other specimens of the almost hundred that inhabit there, such as the Sonoran pronghorn and the bajeño owl.

For this reason, one of the parties that most concerns them is the San Diego area, since southern California is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world, where species that if they disappear would also stress the rest of the environment.

These groups are positive that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will rule in their favor, because the institution has the antecedent to oppose the tycoon’s controversial decisions, such as the veto of refugees and nationals of Muslim countries.