Our Responsibility With Nature

These days of vacation we have seen many people full of responsibility, where our young people are protagonists of campaigns for beach cleaning and without being properly religious, it contains all the principles that make us human and it seems that some of us have forgotten: respect for our nature, help our peers, educate on principles, altruism, companionship and friendship.

They are not a selection of football or occupy covers of our media but this small space is dedicated to them as they have spent a few hours picking up trash from our city and have participated in this activity for the celebration of the spring festival . People among them young people are concerned about the environment, when many people do not think about where the garbage thrown on the beach or on the street will go, there are people with conscience who know that this plastic will take thousands of years to disappear and those years will go through many places, it can even be food for marine beings, which will cause damage to their health. It has been proven that the plastic melts into very small particles that are then ingested by fish that are then eaten by humans, ultimately causing damage to ourselves. It is very important that educators and the government in general share this information.

In addition to the worrying pollution of the seas, it has been thought of hiring  real estate attorney to denounce this unconscious destruction of nature. On the other hand during this week they have carried out environmental workshops of recycling of plastics, with videos and crafts. The song of the three ‘r’: reduce, recycle and reuse, has been the background music for its ecological motivation.
In the photo we see them picking up the plastics and papers that litter the riverbank, and then, amicably drinking after playing and enjoying the spring in the gardens and parks.
Thank you for reminding us that, sometimes, small things make us great.