Tips to teach your children to take care of the planet

Our planet Earth is home to millions of species of living beings, and it is our responsibility to take care of it and educate our children from a young age so that they respect nature. However, this is not a task that should be left only to schools, because all education comes from the family.

Many times I have noticed that many drivers throw cigarette butts on the street, or that there is a lot of litter thrown on the beach. I have also observed that when the rainy season arrives, this garbage that remains in the streets does not allow the passage of water to the sewers, causing flooding. If what you care about is that the teachings you give to your children last a long time you have to give them good teachings that last when they are Mexico dentists and use materials that do not harm the planet.

The smoke of cars polluting the air, the toxic substances thrown into rivers and seas, anyway, how many times have you gone to the zoo and observed signs warning that many animals are in danger of extinction? We must become aware of this problem to leave a better planet to our children and future generations.

1. Start by your house

Become aware of the things you can do to take care of the environment, for example, do not waste water. Teach your children to appreciate water from a young age: when you shower, wash dirty dishes or clean your teeth, turn off the tap immediately and when you are not using it.

Explain to your children the benefits of saving water and getting used to it, until it becomes a habit. In your house it is recommended that you have two garbage cans (one for organic waste and the other for inorganic waste) and ask your children to help you decorate them to identify what type of waste goes into each one.

Teach them the importance of separating garbage and remember that one of the benefits is to help many people to generate money, because there are places where some recyclable waste is collected, such as plastic containers, aluminum, glass, among others. Collecting and selling them is a source of income for many people.

Another way of taking care of the economy and the environment is taking care not to make excessive use of electrical energy. Turn off electronic devices when the family is not at home and explain to your children the importance of this action. Always turn off the lights that are not used and opt for those that save energy.

You can also teach your children to recycle and reuse some objects that we commonly throw away, for example, glass containers, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and so on. Use them to fulfill other functions, there are many practical tips that you can find online.
Put your children in charge of caring for the pet; Teach them that we should care for and love animals and respect them, not just a puppy or a kitten, but all those who live on our planet.

2. Act on the street

Organize a family trip to a forest, river, lake or beach; It will be time to teach your children the importance of not littering, as well as showing them that many animals live on our planet and that we must take care of them.

You can start by always carrying a bag or cardboard box to collect the garbage that you find on the road; explain the benefits and motivate your children to have fun doing it. I recommend visiting once a month a zoo, aquariums or farms, sure your children will understand we must take care of the animals to prevent them from becoming extinct, what better than taking them to know them!

3. Teach your children to generate life

Having a garden at home is the best option to teach our children the value of nature and the benefits that it provides. I advise you to start with this project or if you do not have time and space, consider the importance of planting trees: it does not have to be specifically in your home, you can choose a nearby park or a forest.

This activity is recommended to do twice a year, and with the passage of time take them to visit their tree to observe how it grows. With these simple and practical tips, you and your family will have done their bit to improve our environment.